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Visual Agenda Schedule Planner

Visual Agenda Schedule Planner

3.11 by Daily Task Tracker - Routine
(0 Reviews) February 07, 2024
Visual Agenda Schedule Planner Visual Agenda Schedule Planner Visual Agenda Schedule Planner Visual Agenda Schedule Planner Visual Agenda Schedule Planner Visual Agenda Schedule Planner

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February 07, 2024
Daily Task Tracker - Routine
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More About Visual Agenda Schedule Planner

“Visual Agenda Schedule Planner” is a free and simple app for making to-do lists and managing tasks. You can organize your schedule or agenda using our intuitive and easy calendar design. You can plan your day in a breeze - add tasks, sub-tasks, notes, and labels. You can also repeat tasks — the repetition is great power up for productivity. By setting up recurring tasks, you only have to setup the to-do item once and automatically repeated on your preferred schedule. This is great for building habits like reading, exercising, drinking water or meditating.
When you open Visual Agenda Schedule Planner, you will see the current day. Swipe to move to a different day. Tap the plus button to add a task — it only takes a second. When you have completed a task, tap the check button to mark it as complete. You will see a green progress bar fill up throughout your day. Each task can have sub-tasks, which you can satisfyingly check-off. This feature helps reduce clutter in the app’s main interface while remaining super friendly and easy to use.

* Intuitive daily planning
* Sleek light and dark mode
* Color-code tags to visually organize your timeline
* Quick-add tasks in a breeze
* Drag-and-drop tasks to different days
* Increase productivity with quick push to rollover tasks to another day
* Keep others out by enabling FaceID app lock
* Import events from Reminders and Calendar
* Custom labels
* Kanban-style design
* Top-notch customer service

Didn’t finish a task? Simply roll it over to the next day, week or month. You can also use it kanban-style and simply drag the task item into a different day slot of the calendar. Each task can be color coded with helpful labels and categories for work, school, habits, hobbies, exercise and fitness, birthdays, anniversaries and other important parts of life. With Visual Agenda Schedule Planner, you stay organized and on top of all your tasks. The color coding is an excellent visual approach to to triage and prioritize tasks.

The app was designed to be a visual calendar that focuses on daily timelines. You can structure your plan block by block. In this way, you can get everything in your life organized. Achieve your goals, finish your work, spend your time more wisely. Visual Agenda Schedule Planner is a free and simple app to build habits and manage your productivity.

The app’s interface focuses on your day, but you can also switch to the calendar view to move around to different date more quickly. This allows you to plan and schedule future tasks or go back and view old and archived todo items. While the default view of the app is daily, you can switch to the larger calendar view to move around more quickly. You can plan and schedule future tasks or go back and view old ones.

You can easily import to.do.list items and reminders and events from the default Reminders or Calendar apps on your phone. It’s super easy to setup and only takes a few seconds. You can also drill down and import from specific calendars or reminder categories. We are always open to adding more integrations — please send us an email if you’d like to import data from Microsoft or Google or another reminders app.

* Increase your focus and productivity
* Organize your personal and work life
* Reach your goals
* Get things done on time
* Beat procrastination and adhd
* Never be overwhelmed by tasks

While Visual Agenda Schedule Planner is a free and easy app for all your task scheduling needs, there are some premium features that are available after upgrading. You can subscribe to an annual or monthly plan depending upon your preference.

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