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Talk2You: Couple Conversations

Talk2You: Couple Conversations

2.2.2 by For Healthy Relationships
(0 Reviews) February 15, 2024
Talk2You: Couple Conversations Talk2You: Couple Conversations Talk2You: Couple Conversations Talk2You: Couple Conversations Talk2You: Couple Conversations Talk2You: Couple Conversations

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February 15, 2024
For Healthy Relationships
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More About Talk2You: Couple Conversations

The fact that a relationship becomes deeper and more beautiful over time is not a matter of course. Meaningful conversations provide a solid basis to stay connected – and that's exactly where Talk2You wants to encourage you.
Over 500 thoughtful conversation starters from ten topics like „Our history“, „Your childhood“ or „Intimacy and sex“ invite you to grow closer to your partner/spouse. Get out of the daily routine discussions and shake things up!

With Talk2You you
- get valuable conversation starters to deepen and enhance relationship conversations
- get to know your partner even better
- have a great quality time together as a couple
- can reminiscing together

Talk2You is a relationship game for all couples. It doesn't matter how long you have been together as a couple. Think you know your partner inside and out? You may be surprised... the eureka effect guaranteed!

Three categories ("The two of us", "Everyday life" and “Our history”) are playable immediately. The other questions can be unlocked by an in-app purchase.

Whether on vacation, on a warm summer evening with a glass of wine or simply during a break from the family hustle and bustle, take time off to connect one-on-one!

You also have a great conversation starter for couples? Then just submit it and you'll be the co-author of the next update!

Among the games and apps available for couples, Talk2You stands out: this app for couples not only serves to have a great time together, but it can strengthen your relationship and make it more beautiful. Easy. By the way. While playing.

Good communication is the alpha and omega for every form of interpersonal relationship. But studies have shown that there is a divergence between desire and reality in couple communication: Married couples often rate their communication as good / very good. But they often do not communicate better than strangers. Misunderstandings are commonplace in most marriages.

Studies also show that couples in long-term relationships are particularly happy when they are able to communicate well with one another. Talk2You: The conversation starter app for couples encourages you to get into conversation quite differently. Maybe you can clarify the one or the other misunderstanding.

Talk2You. Encourages deep and meaningful conversations in your relationship/marriage.

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